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Google chromecast is a device to use solely for streaming audio and video there’s no interface to work with on the TV by default a display of your selected photos photo data time weather and device information are shown when not streaming all of these can be hidden and tweaked from within the Google home app chromecast companion application. This is the central application for controlling all your google smart devices and chrome cast enabled gadgets here is where you’ll complete initial setup for the chromecast a task as simple as plugging it into your TV and tapping set up device in the home app the whole map also offers a handful of useful features for enabling guest mode which allows anyone in the room to stream to your chromecast without being on your Wi-Fi network as well as a switch for 50 Hertz video mode to help reduce stutter on certain types of content and the aforementioned group delay correction aside from these you’ll find typical settings like naming and chromecast connecting to a Wi-Fi network and adding your chromecast to a device group there’s not much more we could ask for other than perhaps an on/off button to control the TV, since it does harness the power to do so the chromecast isn’t a complex device and as such it’s pleasing and sensible that the companion app is similarly simple and easy to use Google’s third generation chromecast improves on our already solid foundation streaming video and audio to your TV is what the chromecast does and has only become faster and better at doing it with chromecast compatibility